DST810 Smart™ Multisensor (Depth, Speed, Temperature)

The new DST810 Smart Multisensor, featuring the new Gen2 paddlewheel and AIRMAR’s CAST™ app, delivers a powerful combination of best-in-class speed performance and a simple, reliable way to calibrate accurate speed using your wireless device. The Gen2 paddlewheel delivers industry-leading start-up speed-through-water data below 0.3 knots and is linear at 0.6 knots, maintaining accurate performance up to 45 knots.


Airmar offers the most advanced and dependable line of marine transducers trusted the world over. Our Chirp line of broadband transducers provide unparalleled coverage at depths once unheard of. Airmar also offers a full line of oceanographic and survey transducers as well as units with custom configurations


WX WeatherStations® are Airmar’s all-in-one sensor solution for real-time site-specific weather monitoring. Capable of detecting wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, and more. The WXH line has been designed with an internal heater for operation in ice prone areas.

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