em-trak AIS transceivers offer the very best performance, intelligent functionality and quality at the most competitive price. All supported by a global three year warranty.

Marintech Marketing keeps in stock em-trak AIS transceivers, SARTs and accessories.We also perform maintenance and installation services. Contact us for help if you require technical assistance in choosing the correct transceiver for your vessel.

Below is a sample selection of some popular em-trak products

em-trak B900 Class B AIS

The B900 series are a range of standard and high transmit power (2W CSTDMA & 5W SOTDMA) AIS Class B transceivers. Small and lightweight, they deliver the very best AIS receive and transmit performance so you see more AIS information and targets at maximum range – all achieved with the least power consumption.

B900 Features

  • Certified AIS Class B – 2W CSTDMA / 5W SOTDMA
  • Integrated Next Generation GPS Receiver & Antenna
  • Waterproof & Ruggedized
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • NMEA0183 & 2000
  • FLEXI-FIT™ Bracket System
  • Ultimate Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth & USB Options

em-trak B200 Class B AIS

The B200 is a high transmit power (5W & 12W) priority AIS Class B with internal emergency battery power back-up that enables continuous operation for up to 12 hours and emergency transmit only operation for up to 120 hours, providing critical safety in the event of vessel power loss. Waterproof and ruggedized to operate continuously and reliably for years in the most extreme marine environments; combined with WiFi and Bluetooth functionality for quick and easy connection to any display system or navigation app.


B200 Features

  • Ultimate Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth & USB Options
  • Certified Class B AIS Transceiver – High Transmit Power 
  • Waterproof & Ruggedized – IPx6 & IPx7 
  • Internal 120hr Back-up Battery
  • Plug & Play Connectivity (WiFi & Bluetooth)
  • NMEA0183 & 20

em-trak B400 Class B AIS

The B400 is a certified high powered, priority transmission, Class B AIS transceiver. As a single integrated unit with high definition colour display and IPx7 weather and water proofing, the B400 can be permanently installed in any external or internal location and is easy to configure, install, operate and connect to your existing navigation displays. B400 incorporates a range of enhanced functionality which includes vessel display filters, colour ENC (C-MAP), MOB and SART alerts.

B400 Features

  •  Certified Class B AIS Transceiver – High Transmit Power (5W SOTDMA)
  •  Waterproof & Ruggedized
  •  Full Colour Display With Night Mode & C-MAP ENC
  •  Extensive AIS functionality
  •  Plug & Play Connectivity (WiFi)
  •  NMEA0183 & 2000

em-trak A200 Class A AIS

The A200 is a fully certified AIS Class A which delivers a new level of performance, reliablity and functionality

A200 Features

  • Fully certified (Deep Sea & Inland Waterway)
  • Water and weather proof (IPx6 & IPx7)
  • Integrated high-resolution colour display
  • Full Electronic Navigation Chart engine & display
  • Integrated long range WiFi connectivity
  • Dual NMEA0183 & 2000

em-trak B100 Class B AIS

The AIS CLASS B100 is a small, full featured, internationally certified AIS Class B transceiver ideal for leisure and small commercial vessels.

B100 Features

  • Receives and processes all AIS message types
  • Fully certified – EU, US, Global
  • Small, robust unit
  • Plug & play connectivity with other systems
  • Low power consumption
  • Silent mode
  • Ruggedised, vibration resistant
  • MOB & SART detection

em-trak SART100 SART

The AIS SART 100 is a globally certified AIS Search & Rescue Transponder and an essential piece of safety equipment which will aid your rapid location in an emergency.

SART100 Features

  • Reliable, robust performance in all conditions
  • Easy to use in all conditions
  • Long life battery with guaranteed minimum 5 years life
  • Ideal form factor for easy operation in an emergency
  • Life raft compatible
  • Self test feature

em-trak R100 AIS Receiver

The AIS R100 Receiver is a robust, high performance dual channel AIS receiver that receives and processes all types of AIS messages.

R100 Features

  • Small and robust
  • Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs
  • Low power consumption
  • Ruggedised, vibration resistant
  • MOB & SART detection
  • Multi-lingual manuals
  • Enhanced operating performance
  • Receives and processes all AIS message types

em-trak S100 Antenna Splitter

The em-trak S100 Splitter enables any AIS Class B device and a VHF radio to be used in conjunction with a single VHF antenna.

S100 Features

  • Zero loss in receive range
  • Small and lightweight
  • Allows AIS and VHF to share the same antenna
  • High quality, engineered to last