Marine Pyrotechnics

Maritime distress signals are used in case of extreme emergency situations at sea. Also known as pyrotechnics, these emergency flare and signals are the best way to inform a nearby ship for immediate help.Pyrotechnics are a visual distress signal which is widely used even amidst today’s highly advanced ship navigation and communication systems. According to shipping regulations, every ship is required to carry a set of Pyrotechnic equipment on board ships. The set mainly includes hand flares, rocket parachute flares, and smoke signals. A set of line throwing apparatus (LTA) may also be required.

Marintech Marketing carries the highly-regarded and reputed Huahai & PyroPol brands of marine pyrotechnics in stock.

Due to the sensitive nature of marine pyrotechnics,please inquire with Marintech Marketing directly if you wish to purchase or need technical assistance with regards to marine pyrotechnics.