Headquarted in the United Kingdom, NASA Marine Instruments have become known worldwide for manufacturing robust, reliable products that are superb value for money. All of their products comply with tough European standards for electromagnetic compatibility and are guaranteed for 12 months.

Marintech Marketing carries a variety of NASA Marine products. Below is a selection of products that are popular with the yatching and boating community.


The Clipper True Wind Display shows apparent wind speed and direction, when connected to a log or GPS, it can also show true wind speed and direction.

  • Display wind speed – 0 to 99 Kts
  • Display Wind angle – 0 to 360 degrees
  • Requires NMEA boat speed input either VHW from log or RMC from GPS for True wind speed and direction


Best selling combined Speed/Distance Log and Echo Sounder in standard 110mm square size. Suitable for open cockpit mounting.

  • Depth Sounder in feet and metres
  • Shallow Alarm and Keel Offset
  • Speed in MPH , Knots and Km/H
  • Trip and Total Distance in Miles, Nautical Miles and Kilometres
  • Supplied complete with paddlewheel transducer and in hull depth transducer


A high performance system that sends NMEA wind speed and direction data 10 times a second.

In demanding conditions, where high performance is essential, the Clipper Tactical wind mast sensor is the ideal choice. With ten updates every second it responds very quickly to the changes in wind speed and direction, which occur during tricky manoeuvres. The sensor is supplied complete with a mast mounting kit, 20 metres of light weight cable and all necessary electrical connectors to complete the installation. The output data is in the NMEA 0183 format and can be used to drive any compatible display that utilises the MWV sentence.

Target Wind Speed & Direction V2

All instruments in the Target Range come complete with sensors or transducers as appropriate and all necessary fittings. They are designed to run on 12v supply, but due to the very low power consumption there is no reason why they cannot run off dry batteries. They provides accurate readings for owners of sailing craft and powerboats alike.

Designed for long term maintenance-free performance, the Target Wind Speed and Direction instrument is robust in manufacture and simple in operation. Initial set-up aligns the boats head with the wind indicator, so the masthead unit can be mounted in any convenient location and is not bound to fore-aft mounting.

  • Full 360 degree display of apparent wind
  • No dead quadrant


  • Easy to read. This new navtex receiver features big, bold characters and intuitive message formatting.
  • Easy to program. Simple menus let you select which stations and which message categories you want to receive.
  • Easy on your battery. Its low power consumption and power saver mode on the backlight ensure minimum current drain.
  • Easy channel switching. Programmable automatic switching between the 518Khz and 490Khz channels. No more getting up early to switch channels.
  • Easy signal analysis. The built in spectrum analyser shows the signal in real time whilst you are receiving messages.
  • Easy Navtex is designed for panel mounting and is supplied with antenna, power cable and dust cover.


The BM-1 battery monitor is designed to monitor performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems, including AGM and GEL types with capacities of up to 600 Amp hours. It is supplied complete with a precision 100 AMP shunt and a prefabricated cable assembly to enable simple DIY installation. The unit continuously monitors voltage, current (charge or discharge), number of amp/hours (charge or discharge), the batteries state of charge and the time to charge or discharge. It also monitors the voltage of the engine strat battery. This information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure.

  • Fully monitors domestic battery/bank
  • Monitors voltage of engine start battery
  • Supply voltage – BM-1 12V 8 – 16 Volts DC & BM-1 24V 16 – 32 Volts DC
  • Supply current 1.5 milliamps
  • Battery capacities 5 – 600 AMP Hour