Mantus Anchor Swivel


The strongest link – the Mantus anchor swivel is stronger than its corresponding Grade 40 chain. (WLL is 1/5 UBS)

Integrated swivel shackle design completely eliminates side loading, making this the safest anchor swivel on the market.

The pin on the chain side of the swivel is the strength-limiting part since the geometry of the chain determines the pin size. The Mantus anchor swivel and shackle is the first to feature an oblong pin to maximize the pin strength. With the aid of computer modeling and physical testing, we truly created a swivel that is the strongest link.

Note the innovative shackle bolt design – no shackle dog! This slim hex head design (with holes for safety wire) offers a slimmer profile making it easier for translating through your bow roller.

  • 316 L Stainless Steel, Precision Cast and Electro-Polished Body
  • Pin made from Duplex Stainless Steel and is mechanically polished and electro-polished.




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S1 SWIVEL Dimensions

S2 SWIVEL Dimensions

S3 SWIVEL Dimensions


Additional information


S1 1/4 to 5/16" (6 to 8mm), S2 5/16 to 3/8" (8mm to 10mm), S3 3/8 to 1/2" (10mm to 13mm)