Shurhold Buff Magic Compounding Pad

Remove light oxidation and leave a professional shine with this compounding pad. Made with 100% twisted wool, this pad is designed for use with Buff Magic and the Shurhold Dual Action Polisher.

The Buff Magic Compounding Pad is a general purpose, light cutting pad. It’s 6 1/2″ in diameter and made of 100 percent twisted wool (2 pads per pack.)

For use with the original Dual Action Polisher. Not compatible with the PRO or Rotary machine.


Shurhold Buff Magic Compounding Pad



Attach the pad to the polisher. Apply a thin layer of Buff Magic to the surface with a paint brush or other spreading tool. Place the pad on the coated surface and turn it on. Wash the pad after each use with Serious Pad Cleaner or soap and lukewarm water. Allow pad to dry completely before storing.