Samyung Enc

Since its establishment in 1978, Samyung is a representative marine communication equipments provider that has grown to provide localized marine electronic communication equipments. SAMYUNG has been providing the products in Korean market replacing all the imported brands. SAMYUNG delivers the value added products to the customers with its state-of-the-art technology.

Marintech Marketing keeps in stock the entire range of Samyung products. Do consult us if you require technical assistance in choosing the correct range of equipment offered by Samyung for your vessel!

Below is a selection of the best-selling Samyung products – Jump to any category by clicking on any of the pictures below:

GPS & FIshfinder


The SEP-500 EPIRB complies with CCIR, RTCM, COSPAS-SARSAT and GMDSS performance standards of IMO with transmitting frequencies of 406MHz/121.5MHz. The SEP-500 receives GPS information and it transmits more accurate distress position than the EPIRB without GPS. This makes the RCC (Rescue Coordination Center) perform search & rescue operations.

  • Fully GMDSS compliant
  • Global alert via COSPAS-SARSAT satellites
  • Exact location faster than standard
  • Next generation in marine safety electronics
  • Internal GPS allows position updates


Samyung SAR-9 is a Radar Transponder, which is operated in 9.2~9.5 GHz(3cm) marine radar band. When a radar signal
is received from a SAR craft, the SAR-9 automatically starts to transmit a response signal echoing to that Radar.
SAR craft can identify SART s location on the radar screen with 12 in-line dots.
Once activated, the SAR-9 will remain in stand-by condition for 96 hours followed by minimum 8 hours transmission.

  • Complied with related IMO/GMDSS requirements
  • Designed for reliable operation in the roughest of marine evironments
  • Lightweight and rugged construction is suitable for placing at liferafts.
  • Complete set with a liferaft mounting kit
  • Efficiently assisting ship or survival craft rescue operations


  • Designed to IMO resolution and performance standards effective from July 1st . 2005 (IMO Resolution MSC.148(77) ITU-R, M.540-2, M.625-3, IEC-61162).
  • English channel(518KHz) & local channel(490KHz/4209.5KHz) are simultaneously receiving by two receivers built-in.
  • Receiving messages sets-up from outer navigational equipment and channels.
  • Storage for over 200 advisory including 8,000 receiving letters in average length per channel.
  • 50 messages permanently stored per channel and 72-hour-long storage of receiving letters.
  • Automatic power blockage run by voltage protection circuit.
  • Interfaced to INS(Integrated Navigation System) according to IEC-61162.

GMDSS – MF/HF DSC, NBDP – Samyung SRG-1150N

  • Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS
  • Compact & transmitter-receiver with a built-in DSC
  • Easy to read information with large LCD(10.4) for NBDP terminal and Rx & Tx frequency at a time
  • Available scanning variability of transmitter output, frequency & channel
  • High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer
  • Built-in alarm signal(2182KHz) & Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance
  • Storing up to 100 transmitted message(editable) & received message (every 50 messages for distress and ordinary)

GMDSS – VHF Radio – Samyung STV-160

  • Compliant with ITU-R, IMO Regulation
    • ITU. USA, CANADA Channel Available
    • Weather Channel Available
    • Memory Scanning Function
    • Dual Scanning Function
    • Waterproof at 1m Depth for 5 Minutes
    • Long Life Lithium & NiMH Battery
    • Power Saving Functions

AIS – Class B AIS Chartplotter – Samyung AIS-50N

  • Preloaded digital worldwide cartography
  • Real time display of navigation information
  • Updated electronic chart available
  • Built-in map with range rings and 12 zoom ranges from 0.01 to 32 nm
  • Cursor ID mode allows easy readout of target vessel

AIS – Class B AIS Transponder – Samyung AIS-50B

  • Transfer data via AIS channel 87B(161.975MHz)&88B(162.025MHz)
  • Dual baud rate 4800 or 38400
  • RS-232,422 Input/Output Port & Simple connection through RS-232, 422
  • LED display for easy status check-up
  • Enable to transceive SRM(Safety Related Message)

Navigation – Weather Facsimile – Samyung SFAX-500

  • Easy weather chart distinction by 10 inch wide printer output
  • Simple setting & operation by 5.6 inch full screen color LCD display
  • 4 receiving mode (automatic, manual, forced, timer programming)
  • Select a station depending on GPS signal.
  • Receive standard weather information from WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
  • Auto tune to optimize receiving quality.
  • Connect to the best station by setting automatic receive channel.

Navigation – GPS Navigator – Samyung SPR-1400

  • Compliant with IMO and MSC standard.
  • Small size, Light weight, Easy installation.
  • All data with big letters can be displayed in one screen.
  • Interface with PC to print out destination, mark and routes.
  • No need to initially set-up the machine as it is of full automation.
  • Easy night navigation with full light support in screen at every stage.

Navigation – Radar – Samyung SMR7200

  • Overlay with AIS targets.
  • Able to Zoom-In the selected special target area.
  • Strengthened ability to display short range targets.
  • Able to choose color brightness in 10 levels for navigation at night.
  • Intermittent Tx mode : can operate with low electricity consumption.
  • Can move screen center point and observe the long distance of the desired direction.
  • Display parallel line : Can maintain certain distance between other vessel.

GPS & Fishfinder Combo – Samyung NF430

  • Wide 4.3”High resolution TFT LCD with Fast screen response by high performance CPU
  • 10 steps adjustable LED backlight
  • Multiple languages available including English, Chinese, Russian,Thai, Malay etc.
  • 128MB internal memory and built-in standard Samyung chart
  • DGPS(WAAS, MSAS, EGNOS) , NMEA 0183 interface (AIS, NAVTEX, DSC etc.)
  • 2 split screens (Chart, Data, Highway etc.)
  • Suitable for small fishing boat
  • Using single frequency (200Khz) for detection of small and individual fish

GPS & Fishfinder Combo – Samyung NF560

  • Waterproof to IPX7 specifications
  • User-friendly operation
  • 4 split screens (Chart, Data, Highway, Fish-finder)
  • Adjustable bracket easily attaches and detaches
  • NMEA2000 interface (Data repeater, fuel control)
  • Using dual frequency (50/200Khz) for detection of small or individual fish
  • Clearly shows fish targets close to the seabed utilizing Split zoom/Split bottom (Output: 600W, Max. depth: 600M)