Choosing a Deck Brush

Cleaning your boat’s deck is a hard task and we would like to take time to recommend how to better select a deck brush to ease the work load. There are multiple types of brushes in the market and they may be used for general purposes or more specialized ones like the ones used to clean boat decks. Choosing the correct brush can impact the business’s bottom line by requiring fewer replacements or repairs to damaged surfaces. Below are a few factors to take note of when choosing a deck brush:

  • Brush Fibre Stiffness

Fibres and its corresponding stiffness are of the utmost importance when choosing a deck brush. A deck brush range from whichever manufacturer usually comes in soft, medium and hard types. It is important to test the stiffness of the material if you are planning to purchase a brush. They might damage delicate surface areas.

Soft deck brushes can be used on delicate surface areas which are vulnerable to scratching such as plexiglass. They will damage plastic (such as plastic windows) whereas it is fine to uses them on glass windows, canvas or vinyl.

Medium brushes (or general purposes) deck brushes are good for cleaning textured or non-skid surfaces. They can also be used on more stubborn stains

For the hard brushes, they are usually best suited for the toughest of stains or for chemical washing (see below)

  • Material of Brush

It is also of essential knowledge to know that when using solvents, acids or alkalis (For example, Acid wash) with a deck brush, it might damage and dissolve the fibres.  Usually, stiff brushes are strong enough to withstand such chemicals.

  • Brush Pattern

A flared-out fibre pattern Is important as it can help you reach hard to reach areas that are otherwise impossible with a straight fibre pattern

  • Flayed Brush Fibres

Also, do not worry if certain softer deck brushes’ individual fibres are flayed or blossomed out at the tip. They may at first sight look worn out but manufacturers often incorporate this into the design in order for the deck brush to hold more soap and water

  • Handles

Last but not least, thought needs to be also given to choosing a good handle. The grip, comfort and durability of the handle are points to consider. Also, the compatibly of the brush heads with handles are another factor to consider as some brush heads might not match the handles.

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